‘Life Letters’ Video Series Features People Behind SAP Talking about Their Personal Journeys


The Innovative Solution Partners team is honored to be an SAP Services Partner. Not only does SAP help companies run, but they also focus on the people that help them do just that.

In December 2022, SAP launched its new series “Life Letters” which features short videos of people connected with SAP and their stories of how they got to where they are. The series began with Jermaine Holt, a vice president of customer success services with SAP SuccessFactors.

The format for each video is unique and personal: The individuals in the videos are telling their stories to their younger selves. From Holt’s “You Matter” message taking viewers back to a race riot he remembers as a child to the second “Life Letters” video’s incredible story of Hugh Huynh, whose journey takes him from his time as a Vietnam War prisoner of war to his success as an SAP executive in Sydney, Australia.

In his own LinkedIn post, Holt writes “This is me, being a bit vulnerable. … I’m just giving you a bit of insight into some of the challenges that I’ve faced and how they shaped who I am today.”

Episode 2 starts: “Dear Hugh, the fear and confusion you are living with now is something most people will never understand.” Near the end of the video, Hugh’s daughter, Elsa, also an SAP team member, takes the screen to talk to her father, her mentor and inspiration. 

The third video in the series features Angela Ahrendts, global chairwoman of Save the Children, whose career has spanned 40 years in fashion and technology.

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