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Strategies to unite business and technology

Let’s face it: IT teams and execs don’t always speak the same language, which can lead to wasted time and costly overruns. Business goals are endangered. Our experience allows us to understand the project and provide strategies to ensure that IT and the business teams are aligned for success.

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Organizational Hurdles

Are you frustrated by the barriers created in siloed structures or large team sizes?

Aligning teams:  It can be challenging to accurately define and understand requirements. Are your teams able to collaborate to ensure that IT initiatives contribute directly to meeting business goals and achieving success?

Organizational culture:  Do you find that a difference in culture and operating styles among departments makes it challenging to define, communicate and execute on a project roadmap?

Decision-makers: Do your teams struggle to adjust technology approaches in response to market changes and business needs? Departments fighting over the same resources often cause conflicts and delay IT and business initiatives.

Skillsets: There’s a reason why you have structured the staff that you have. They are experts at what they do. It also means that they may not have the cross-functional skills needed to address both business and technology. 

IT infrastructure: Do you have a mix of legacy systems and newer technologies? Most organizations do. It can be even harder to find experienced resources who understand both business and technology.

Our Approach

  • Draw on our technology and industry experience
  • Use effective change management strategies to address challenges
  • Communicate the benefits of collaboration and garner commitment from the client for cultural change
  • Introduce collaborative tools and processes to facilitate communication and cooperation.

Why it is Important

Improves business operations: Leads to more effective, efficient, and streamlined business operations. It’s about translating business needs into actionable IT projects.

Fosters innovation: Business teams bring industry knowledge and day-to-day operations experience while IT can map out the right technology to achieve what is needed. By the two working together, we can ensure that technology solutions are user-friendly, meet customer expectations, and enhance overall user experience.

Why You Should Trust Us

We all know that IT investments often face hiccups. Given that, how can companies mitigate risk, drive profitability, and ensure success? With this service offering, we are putting our business acumen, technology experience and industry experience to work for our clients.

What Sets Us Apart?

Adaptability: As a small business, we are nimble, forward thinking, and able to adjust based on our client’s requirements.

Experience: Our industry experience ranges from manufacturing (automotive, food, consumer products) to utilities and distribution.

A Strong Team

As partner, Mustansir Saifuddin leads his team of certified and seasoned consultants to deliver as our clients expect.

Mustansir Saifuddin

He continue to keep a pulse on technology, business, and industry by continuing to volunteer with ASUG, the  Americas SAP Users Group. 

His passion for bringing together technical and business teams to reach a common goal, results in successful project implementation regardless of project size. His ability to manage teams, both large and small, and onshore and offshore, proves to be priceless for customers.

Across Industries

Innovative Solution Partners 20+ years of IT and industry experience includes these sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Construction
  • Food
  • Manufacturing 
  • Professional Services
  • Utilities