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You're not alone in your data journey

Data migration is nearly universal for organizations big and small. In their cloud migration journey,  companies most often grapple with disparate systems and legacy data; choosing between one or several solutions; and managing what can be a behemoth of a process.

Having a clear migration plan is key, and having the right team in place to assess, plan and execute is critical. Our experts step in at whatever step they are needed, but most often partners seek our experience in the management of the migration process and all the pieces.

Our partners have an understanding of their business; we have decades of expertise on the best way to optimize a data landscape.

Why It's Challenging
 Our partners cite these reasons for their migration efforts to falter:

As a result of these reasons (and others) companies that want and need to migrate their data to the cloud are behind the 8-ball.

Our Solution: A 9-Step Roadmap for Migration

We have a roadmap that applies to anyone at any step in the migration process, and the
expertise to walk through every step with you:

Phase 1 - Assess
Phase 2 - Analyze
Phase 3 - Execute

Webinar Series

From planning to execution, we’ll walk you through the nine essential steps to a successful data migration.

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What We Offer

Moving Data Together

Webinar Series

Our webinar series will walk you through our nine-step roadmap so that you can decide what the best approach is for you and your team.

Half-day Workshop

This online workshop is limited in size so that you can get personalized attention from our experts while also allowing you to ask questions and share personal insights. It’s a great opportunity to get your team on the same page, creating a unified vision and approach to your data migration project.

One-on-one Assessment

Our team will spend the time it takes – whether it’s weeks or months – to assess your needs. You can take that assessment and manage your
project however you see fit. If that includes further engagement with the Innovative Solution Partners team, we’ll outline a strategy and treat you as a partner at every step. 

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