AI and Its Integral Part in Business

This is one of a series of posts about the intersection of AI and business, from finance to marketing to industry. 

Not only does AI allow manufacturers to solve complex problems, but it continues to optimize business processes. AI-powered forecasting and predictive, data-driven practices allow companies to stay ahead of competition and maximize profits.

As SAP expands its AI capabilities and layers them into existing SAP solutions, organizations are increasingly able to leverage SAP’s experiential and operational data as well as third-party data.

An example: SAP Intelligent Agriculture is an industry cloud solution that enables agribusiness companies to sustainably increase farming efficiency by digitalizing their farming processes and services.

SAP E-Mobility

SAP’s E-Mobility  is a new cloud-based solution for operating a networked vehicle charging infrastructure at scale. The solution allows companies to build and run electric vehicle (EV) charging networks.


One example: ChargeX, a Germany-based automotive e-mobility supplier, used SAP as a backbone for a multisocket charging solution.

Another example is Coneva, also a German company, which helps companies reach sustainability goals by electrifying their corporate fleets and reducing costs with “intelligent energy management.” 

AI in automotive

SAP provides solutions specific to the automotive industry that enable cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth. Resilient supply chains are needed to meet automotive industry demand for EV components and combat battery and chip shortages.

The SAP’s Digital Vehicle Suite is designed to help companies  achieve manage vehicles, sales and data in a holistic way, allowing them to digitalize sales and operations into core applications.

AI in automotive diagram

SAP Predictive Replenishment

In the current retail reality of supply chain disruptions, SAP customers can benefit from automatic ordering of replenishable products for distribution centers.  

SAP Predictive Replenishment helps retailers to optimize their inventory and maximize product availability.

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