Why Enterprise Planning is a Powerful Addition to SAP Analytics Cloud

By Mariyah Saifuddin

This is the first in a two-part series featuring Nick Verhoeven. 

Podcast Insights logoSAP continues to elevate the power of data and analytics with the integration of planning with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Nick Verhoeven, Solution Manager for Planning and Analytics at SAP, recently joined our “Tech-Driven Business Podcast” to share the impact of this on enterprises. It is all about how it integrates with your SAP landscape and beyond.

As SAC continues to evolve, the marketplace is taking notice. According to Verhoeven, SAC was recognized recently by Gartner in both business intelligence and financial planning reports, reflecting the power of SAC. 

At its core, SAC seamlessly connects an enterprise’s analytics and planning efforts. But it does more than that. The ability of SAC to integrate with the SAP ecosystem unlocks a world of possibilities for data integration and connections, granting businesses a comprehensive view of their operations. Adding the capability for predictive analytics and forward-looking decision making means businesses can achieve a unified approach to data analysis and strategic planning with SAC.

Enterprise Planning for SAC is changing the landscape for business users as well:

  • It empowers business users, enabling them to harness the platform’s capabilities that seamlessly merge analytics and planning. 
  • Business users can access data for various purposes, whether it’s for financial planning or workforce planning. 
  • The flexibility of SAC Planning means it can accommodate both small-scale initiatives and large-scale enterprise planning projects.

While the business world looks to AI, SAC will not disappoint. SAP continues its focus on API enhancements as well as the integration of AI and predictive analytics. This integration offers users AI-driven insights and automation, making it even easier for enterprises to leverage more data-driven decision-making processes.

The bottom line is that analytics and planning go hand in hand. When enterprises take this approach from the onset, it become easier to combine with AI and predictive capabilities to ensure that enterprises have the most comprehensive and accurate data for informed decision-making.

SAC Planning is not just another tool. It’s continuing to transform the norm with its unique position, seamless integration, and synergy between analytics and planning. SAC Planning is poised to revolutionize decision-making and drive business success.

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About Nick Verhoeven

Nick Verhoeven


Nick Verhoeven is solution manager for planning and analytics at SAP. In this role Nick supports and aligns the various SAP functions  to provide the best FP&A solutions that will facilitate optimal solutions through data. Nick’s discipline stems from professional sports, helping him drive enterprise engagements however sluggish processes might be.

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