How SAP is Helping Companies to Reach Their Sustainability Goals

While corporations continue to focus on becoming an intelligent, sustainable enterprise, they are faced with challenges on how to achieve their goals. And the growing impact of environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts is resonating at the top levels of U.S. companies.  According to a recent McKinsey Global Survey, 83 percent of C-suite leaders and investment professionals say they expect that ESG programs will contribute more shareholder value in five years than today. 

There are several companies making use of SAP’s tools — including the Sustainability Control Tower — to push toward sustainability.

This video on SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises really captures the main points of why it’s essential for businesses to be working toward sustainability.

“You can zero out the big three,” says the video’s narrator, Stephanie Benedetto, fashion tech and sustainability entrepreneur and founder of the Queen of Raw. “Emissions, waste and inequality.”

The Queen of Raw is focused on sustainability efforts in the textile industry. According to estimates,  87% of fiber used in clothing ends up burned or in landfills. Partnering with SAP, the Queen of Raw promotes reuse, resale and recycling of materials left in warehouses or discarded. 

Below are other videos showcasing specific companies and their use of SAP software to further their own environmental goals.

SAP and Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate has committed to 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable materials by 2025. It also is committed to reduce the overall amount of virgin plastic the company uses. Colgate says SAP’s partnership allows it to access data up and down the value chain.

NHL on hockey's environmental impact

The National Hockey League is using SAP technology to collect, analyze and report on data from its arenas. The NHL has partnered with SAP on Venue Metrics, a platform to better gauge the carbon footprint of the professional sports league. In September 2022, the NHL invited its 32 teams and arena operators to begin inputting historical data from 2018 through mid-2022 to create a baseline for the platform.

Green Steel: A German company's journey

Salzgitter AG in Germany says it. is leveraging SAP S/4HANA and SAP Sustainability Control Tower to gain insight into the company’s environmental data.

According to InsideSAP: “The collaboration between SAP and Salzgitter AG aims to speed up the German steel manufacturer’s sustainable digital transformation and provide the groundwork for more environmentally friendly steel production. The two businesses are working together to achieve this objective by transitioning to the latest cutting-edge SAP technologies and using sustainability solutions from the SAP product portfolio.”

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