Video: Coldplay and SAP Empower Fans to Create a More Sustainable World Tour

The band Coldplay has teamed with SAP to create an app that allows concertgoers to participate in a more Earth-friendly experience, then created a video to illustrate the journey. 

It’s just one of several recent SAP “customer stories” that showcase SAP’s immersion with clients into projects that make those companies more sustainable operations. And we believe it’s worth sharing with you because it  illustrates the impact SAP platforms can have on contributing to a healthier planet.

When Coldplay realized that audience travel made up a large portion of the tour’s carbon emissions it partnered with SAP to create the Coldplay Music of the Spheres World Tour app, to provide fans more insight into the planetary impact of their travel to and from the show. 

This short video illustrates some of the steps — in the app and in its own concert experience — that the band has taken since embarking on this project in the past few years.

The app includes fan-friendly features such as exclusive show content and the ability to track the tour. But what sets this app apart is the elements that allow fans to contribute to a sustainable tour experience.

There is a carbon calculator, for example, will estimate CO2 emissions for concertgoers heading to and from the concert, based on  selected means of transport. Fans who choose sustainable travel options  receive discounts for band merchandise.

In a “planet” section of the app, fans can gain insights into Coldplay’s sustainability efforts and learn more about the band’s sustainability partners.

Here’s what the SAP customer story says about the endeavor:

“Using the SAP Analytics Cloud solution, the band’s team can see environmental impact by concert, country, and continent to better understand how it will offset emissions throughout the tour.

SAP Business Technology Platform enables the app to maintain details about the tour, venues, and supporting acts. It highlights Coldplay’s sustainability partners, publishes band videos, sends real-time push notifications to fans for shows, and encourages fans to select greener travel options when attending shows.

The SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises solution, a comprehensive cloud offering that helps customers become socially and environmentally responsible organizations, is being used to calculate fans’ carbon footprint in the travel section of the app.”

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