Have an SAP Product or Improvement Idea? SAP Engineers are Listening 


The SAP Community is a behemoth, and it may seem like your own team’s needs and desires for products and improvements might be like a whisper in a canyon. But today’s SAP Community is not the same as the one from 50 years ago when it was founded.

Contrary to what some SAP critics may say, SAP actually is open to suggestions and actually acts on them. SAP engineers invite users to contribute innovative ideas via its Co-Innovation Platform.

The 2-year-old platform provides direct access to the SAP Product Engineering team, and allows users to submit improvement requests and vote for peers’ ideas. It resulted in 50 new features delivered in the second year of its existence, after 30 features the first year. 

When your idea gets 6 votes, the SAP Product Engineers review it, and potentially add it to their  development backlog.

SAP reports that more than 200 customers and partners actively participate in the continuous co-innovation stream.

You can read more in this SAP blog about the platform and the features that were developed in the past 12 months.

Want to join our S/4HANA for group reporting online co-innovation platform? You can register here.

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