Side-by-side Development With the Business Technology Platform

Programming and analytics on laptop screensSAP’s Business Technology Platform integrates tools that allow a business to transform data into value. Sound familiar? It’s our mantra at Innovative Solution Partners: Helping companies intelligently use their data to improve insights and decisions about their business. 

To that end, Mustansir Saifuddin meets with other SAP professionals on a regular basis in the Michigan chapter of the Americas’ SAP Users Group (ASUG) to discuss the intricacies and benefits of SAP features. At the most recent meeting June 9 at Grand Valley State University, the focus was on the value of a new extensibility framework, which allows a side-by-side development and keeps the core “clean.” 

A presentation by Thomas Alexander, chief business transformation architect for SAP Business Transformation Services, illustrated the elements of BTP and the enhancements available to SAP users. We thought it was worth sharing with you, along with these takeaways.

The Value of BTP: Sample Scenarios

  • Extending the user interface of your SAP cloud solution. For instance, you can complement an existing SAP solution with a new or improved SAP Fiori user interface without adding any major logic or data. Or you can also provide necessary information and tools on mobile devices.
  • Enhancing the functionality of your SAP cloud solution by connecting it with other SAP solutions.
  • Enhancing core business processes with analytics and machine learning capabilities.
  • Extending data insights by consolidating and combining data in one central place.

Other Takeaways from the Meeting

SAP Partners also shared their wealth of knowledge by presenting on the following:

  • The benefits of using Dev Ops for SAP implementations
  • Lessons learned from a non-SAP ERP application to S/4 migration
  • How automation can help de-risk code remediation process
  • The role of analytics and how it can be real-time with connectors from S/4 to PBI, etc.


Americas’ SAP Users Group

SAP Help Document (must be an SAP user): Extending Existing SAP Solutions Using SAP BTP

Business Transformation Services: A consulting arm of SAP



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