Video: How Team Liquid Uses SAP to Gain an Edge in Esports Competition

When it comes to Esports, Team Liquid is considered royalty. The most victorious Esports franchise in the world, Team Liquid supports more than 150 athletes. So its partnership with SAP is a strong indication that the insights gained are worth noting (and possibly considering) for others players in the space.

Take, for example, these stats:

  • More than 6 million Esports matches stored on SAP HANNA Cloud
  • More than 300 match preparation hours saved in 2021
  • 60X faster analysis of a competitor’s hero avatar draft choices (from one hour to one minute)

According to an SAP Customer Story about the franchise, Team Liquid’s teams have improved match preparation routines and gained new insights during live competitions, allowing players to make informed split-second decisions.

Here’s more, in this video created by SAP: 

The partnership, which began several years ago, has started to gain some notice in worldwide media. In February 2023, Yahoo! News Singapore reported in an article headlined “How Team Liquid’s Secret data analytics weapon helped them dominate Dota 2” :

“Mostly used by their coaching staff, the tool allows Team Liquid’s coaches to quickly understand a game, detect patterns, and pick counters when drafting.”

According to Team Liquid analyst Mathis “Jabbz” Friesel, “”At the end of the day, esports, or probably most sports, come down to a very, very small margin. And I think that’s where this analysis and these statistics really come in.”

To build the analytics tools needed, Team Liquid levered SAP’s Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).  This allowed the franchise to make sense of the raw performance data and to view many data sets with anytime, anywhere data access.

According to the SAP customer story, “With that much data at their disposal and a need for in-depth analytics, the teams custom built a solution leveraging different capabilities in the SAP HANA Cloud database such as text analysis, spatial calculations, and machine learning algorithms. And the SAP Analytics Cloud solution provides highly consumable dashboards to display the results on the analytics in real time.”

“Data is definitely a game changer,” said Friesel.

Innovative Solution Partners co-founder Mustansir Saifuddin agrees wholeheartedly that having access to critical decision-making data is a game changer for ANY organization.

“How Team Liquid utilized the power of SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP HANA Cloud and SAP BTP technologies is a true testament to that,” Saifuddin says. “Whether you are in automotive, food or any other industry, your ability to react to changes in the market conditions or competition can be enhanced many folds with the right data available at your fingertips.”

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