Video: The Coolest SAP Video You’ve Never Heard Of – Til Now

OK, so maybe we stole that line from the name of this video, but it was so easy! Seriously, when we saw this video about “Life at SAP” we had to share it. It’s spot-on in identifying the ways that SAP makes the world go ’round.

Have a look for yourself.

The video includes specific examples of the companies and industries that rely on SAP to bring products to the world, including that 85 percent of the world’s pet food relies on SAP systems. You are welcome, Fido.

Closer to home (Innovative Solution Partners’ home, that is — Metro Detroit to be specific), plays an integral role for both automakers and their suppliers

SAP E-Mobility, for example, is a cloud solution that offers end-to-end functionality for building, monitoring and running EV charging networks at scale, capturing charging totals by location, date, duration, and EV.

More than 3,000 automotive companies worldwide rely on SAP software, according to recent data.

So add vehicles — including the rapidly expanding EV inventory — to ice cream, pet food and beauty supplies as products that are brought to consumers with the help of SAP.

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